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The Difference Between Solder Wire and Solder Strip
 Aug 06, 2021|View:620

There are two types of lead-free solder wire, one is lead-free solder wire. There are many standards in these two types. Solder wires with different standards have different melting points.

Tin welding strips are called tin strips because of their strip shape. They are one of the most commonly used materials in electronic welding. According to the composition, tin welding strips are divided into the following two types:

1. Lead solder strip: an alloy composed of tin and lead with a melting point of 183 degrees.

2. Lead free solder strip: made of tin copper alloy. Common lead-free environment-friendly solders are tin copper (Sn-0.7Cu), tin silver copper (sn-3ag-0.5cu)

According to the critical point of liquidus temperature, there are high-temperature solder strip and low-temperature solder strip.

Comparison between solder wire and solder strip:

The same point is that solder wire and solder strip belong to the same main material. The difference is that they are used in different places, with different shapes and structures. There is flux in the middle of the welding wire, and the material of the welding rod is completely metal. In addition, the chemical composition in the two is different, and the antioxidant composition of the solder strip is higher.

Welding wire is generally used for manual direct welding of electronic components, because there is flux in the welding wire, and the welded joints are beautiful; Electrodes are generally used in wave soldering to weld electronic components. Wave soldering has flux treatment at the front end, so it is convenient to weld components.

The materials of solder wire and solder strip include tin lead alloy, tin copper alloy and tin silver copper alloy. These three kinds are common. There are more rosin and chemicals in the solder wire, and the tin strip does not have these components, but the antioxidant components are higher.

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