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Solder wire

Products are used in manual welding and automatic welding. It is refined from high-purity raw materials and is widely used in the electronic assembly industry.

The product execution standard: GB/T 20422-2006

Our advantage of lead-free solder wire:

1.  Short wetting time.
2.  The filament distribution within the resin, good continuity.
3.  No splash during welding, less residue and transparent and colorless.
4.  No nausea odor, less smoke, and no volatile gases harmful to health.
5.  Winding neat, attractive, bright surface.

6. Reduce welding surface tension and increase fluidity.

Quality Control:
Feeding control-tin melting (composition inspection)-surface treatment inspection-die casting inspection-extrusion inspection-wire
drawing inspection-coil inspection-packaging inspection-finished product inspection
Quality Assurance:
A The third-party authoritative test report is provided for a fee
B Compliant with EU RoHS directive

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