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How to distinguish the quality of bare copper wire
 Oct 18, 2021|View:704

Bare copper wire refers to the copper wire drawn by pure copper rod.

Bare copper wire has no insulation.

Bare copper wire has the characteristics of "single material, soft raw material and excellent conductive function".

Bare copper wire is mainly used in indoor simple electrical connection line or visible grounding line, more commonly in the laboratory.Copper wire is generally made of hot rolled copper bar without annealing, and can be used for weaving nets, cables, copper brush filter nets, etc.

How to distinguish the quality of copper wire: cut a section down to see whether the copper wire is in the center of the insulation layer, if not in the center, it is the manufacturing process is not fine caused by the use of high power, there will be a problem to see the length and thickness of what is wrong, this is a hard and fast provision.

The usefulness of bare copper wire, bare copper wire is frequently used in indoor brief electric cables or visible grounding line, under normal circumstances, the naked without enameled copper wire, so will not used to the motor car, generally can't be replaced with aluminum wire, bare copper wire itself is not add insulation skin direct use of conductor, where demand for insulation can't use.

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